Ridiculous Qs: Would This Make You Kinda Love Kanye West?

Watch out, Jerry Seinfeld!  |  photo by rodrigoferrari//cc 

Watch out, Jerry Seinfeld!  |  photo by rodrigoferrari//cc 

It's week three of ridiculous questions, and this one was so out there, my husband said I probably shouldn't even post it. 

But I'm going to anyhow!

This week's question has to do with Kanye West. To my mind, few human beings are more annoying than Yeezus. I do recall a day when I really, truly liked Kanye West. Remember how fun this was:

Anyhow, now it's 2015 and this guy and his wife have officially become the most insufferable people on the planet. They have zero self-awareness, and rate at a negative 10 in the sense of humor department. For two people who have so much money and get to do so many cool things, they sure seem to be sad and serious all the time. Except when Kanye made this really funny speech at the BET Honors (spoiler alert: it's painfully awkward). 

But I digress.

Here's this week's question:

It’s the 2016 Grammys. Kanye is all set to perform something from his new album, So Help Me God. But when the music starts, he suddenly demands silence.

Over a hushed crowd, he states that he’s not really a rapper. He’s actually a comedian named James Smith who started this Kanye West alter ego in a Second City improv class around 2002. Though he does perform and record all the Kanye West music, it was always done as a joke. Taking the mic from Taylor Swift? Joke! His ridiculous fashion line? Joke, obviously! Marriage to Kim Kardashian? He can’t believe you guys fell for that one. He decided to finally come clean because things had gotten way out of hand. He literally could do anything crazy and get away with it, which didn’t seem funny anymore.

Upon hearing this admission, do you suddenly kind of love Kanye West?

Remember, these are insane, hypothetical questions intended to basically break your brain (in a good way! Kinda.). Please share you answer in the comments. PS Here's last week's Ridic Q. Have your own ridiculous question? Email it to heyeleanorproject@gmail.com.