#324. I Got Mugged at Gunpoint

Well, this sucks. 

Well, this sucks. 

I got mugged last night at gunpoint. 

For context: I went to the Brave New Workshop Christmas show last night (great show, btw) with three girl friends. After the show, we had a drink at the bar down the street from my house. At midnight, we starting walking home, together. A block and a half from my house, three men approached us, each of them pulling out a gun. 

Oh shit.

You know, I've always wondered how I'd react in a situation like this. Would I just hand over my purse? Could I defend myself if need be? Would I run? Would I cry? 

As it turns out, I hit the deck, somehow belly flopping on the sidewalk. One of the gun wielding A-holes sternly stated, "Give me your purse. Where's your phone?" In my purse, I think I said calmly-ish.  

Within 15 seconds, the guys were gone. One of my friends had her phone in her coat pocket (LUCKY!), and called the police. An officer met us at my house and got all our information. Then, he left and us girls at my house, where we cancelled our credit cards, tried to track our iPhones and couldn't stop saying holy shit.

Obviously, the most important thing is that we're safe.

OBVIOUSLY. But if I am really being honest, once I realized we were still alive/okay and saw the guys run away with our purses, all I was really thinking about was the inconvenience of having my ID, credits cards, phone and stupid purse (that I really, really liked a lot) stolen. One second before Christmas. And the lifelong feeling of being unsafe in my neighborhood? Ugh, it's so, so sad. 

It's the dumbest!

I mean, really? Mugged at gunpoint. I can't even. Sometimes you don't need to seek out the scary stuff. It finds you, whether you like it or not.