This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

Harmar Superstar can do no wrong. He's got the voice of an angel, Magic Mike dance moves and the body of a Greek adonis. Bonus: he filmed his most recent music video at Grumpy's Northeast. Definitely in the the top 10 Minneapolis dive bars. Enjoy the dancing (sex).

More proof that sugar is a drug and slowly killing us (I write this as I eat a chocolate chip cookie at 7:47am on a Saturday). 

Love this post from Nora, who quit living her NYC "dream" and moved back to Minneapolis. Guess what? It was the best decision she ever made. I used to feel like a loser for not moving to New York or Chicago like I thought I would (should?). The reason? I ended up getting a way better, more awesome job in Minneapolis-- the kind of thing I never would've found in NYC. No regrets.

Have you heard about Speechless with Carly Fleischmann? Well you have now. Check out this interview with Channing Tatum and prepare for a full on heart meltdown (in a good way).

Still so many great articles coming out about Prince, including this gem: Prince wrote about women in a way most other contemporary male artist still can't.  


James Cordon and Alanis redid "Ironic" and it's almost better than the original. Almost.

Like podcasts (or think you might like to start listening to podcasts)? Here's 23 you should check out.  

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