This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

So... if given $100, what would you buy at the grocery store? This video dives into that exact thing, and what these eight people blew their money on might shock you. Or not.

Speaking of groceries.... they pretty much all become poop. Here's the best poop story of the week.

I'm quite proud of this woman for telling the truth about her sister's death. She was depressed. It was suicide. It happens to a lot of people. Saying your loved one "died suddenly" is a choice, but it continues to sweep the real problem under the rug. Guys, it's time to start being honest about this. 

On a lighter note, here's the most satisfying GIFs you've ever seen! Behold: how to fold your clothes

Sadly, this list of Rules of Behavior for Young Ladies hasn't truly changed much since 1831.

Want to beat procrastination? Read this

90-year-old woman forgoes cancer treatment, embarks on amazing road trip. She is my hero. 

I go to most sports games because of all the stuff that happens between the actual innings/halves/quarters... you get the picture. Keeping that in mind, this karaoke session at a Chicago Bulls game is like my World Series

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