This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

I've been waiting for Pee-wee to come out with a new movie since 1985. My prayers were answered on Friday, when Pee-wee's Big Holiday premiered on Netflix. If you don't have an existing affinity for Pee-wee, you probably aren't going to love this movie. But if you do, you will. It's silly, a little dumb, and I loved every second!

Maybe this is the pregnancy hormones talking, but this post about moms saying goodbyes to their first children made me burst into tears. Especially the dog photo! Waaaaah!

Change your vocabulary, change your attitude

Okay, okay, okay... what in the hell is going on with my pal Richard Simmons?! This article suggests that Richard is more a less a prisoner in his own home. Both Richard and his "caretakers" claim all is well... which is precisely what one would say if they were being held captive! It's all too fishy.

Entering the work force? Disillusioned by your job? Maybe you should read this excellent career advice nobody tells you.

My Palm Springs dream home is for sale! Check it out-- no one has updated it since the 1960s. Incredible. 

Men wear the same outfits to work over and over again. Can women do the same? I say yes, duh, of course! Find your signature style and rock it. 

Behold: the pillow that's changed my life. It's supposed to be for pregnancies, but guys: I swear it's so good, it should just be the default pillow for all!

Ever thought about quitting your job and moving to Italy? Melissa did and it sounds pretty great.

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