This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

Hi from sunny Minneapolis! I think the sun's return, plus me not feeling like crap every day might have something to do with why I'm feeling inspired to write more these days. Hence, the return of This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet. Let's start off withPortlandia's depiction of travel photos vs. what traveling is actually like is pretty spot-on. 

You know you should probably be taking vitamins. But which ones? And what time of day shoudl you take them? No worries, get all your answers here.

When it comes to healthy, happiness and longevity, friendships are almost as important as drinking water. Here's why.

So... would you meet Shake Shack millionaire Danny Meyer's hiring criteria? If not, I say you should work on it. 

Thought about this very, very strange food problem as I shoveled pasta covered with vodka sauce and parm into my mouth. 

These boots have changed my life. They literally turn leggings and a sweater into a fashionable outfit (and PS they are on sale). 

And since we're talking about clothes, I bought maternity overalls. Really. 

Lastly, if you were following the story about the weirdest gift I've ever received (spoiler alert: it's a chair with a painting of me and my ex-boyfriend on the seat of a chair), I HAVE AN UPDATE!!!! Read about it here.

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