This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

Whelp, I wish I was British so I could start watching the new and FINAL season of Downton Abbey this month, but instead I'll just settle for this awesome trailer

Want to know the rules of Instagram? They're all here, written with brutal honesty. 

Remember screennames? Mine was Lafrente01, which means "the forehead" in Spanish, followed by my high school graduation year. Here's a list of Thrillist employee's most embarrassing ones. What was yours?

WOWZA, I just learned so much about making breakfast! Thanks Jacque Pepin & Gabrielle Hamilton!

I love this: quittin' the city to live and work on a farm

Surprising marriage advice from divorced people. This is really, really good stuff. 

I've been saying this forever: Please stop talking about how terrible parenting is. I get that it's hard, but come on. It's really great, too. No one likes complainers!

PS did you guys know Eleanor Roosevelt was the original blogger? At least in my mind!

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