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So this video was absolutely gripping and moving and wow, she is really beautiful. 

I'm not embarrassed to admit I was obsessed with Jackie Collins as a teenager. I am sure my parents were so proud. I love this piece about how her books changed the way we think about sex. xoxo I love you, Jackie Collins!

Serial season two is on its way and here's the story. I can't wait! I can't wait! I CAN'T WAIT!

I try not to think about these things cause my doggie is my best bud, but here's an important read: The Biggest Mistake Pet Owners Make at the End.

According to science, this is the most feel-good song of all time. Call me crazy, but science could've saved its time and money 'cause DUH of course that is the most feel-good song of all time!

Think you're not biased when it comes to gender, race or inequality? I thought so too... until I took this Harvard survey. As it turns out, I'm pretty sexist m'self (see below... eeeek!). Dare you to take one of these surveys and not walk away humbled and a wee bit ashamed.

Speaking of our collective flaws when it comes to women in the workplace, this was an enlightening read.

I found the perfect fall/winter booties and they are these ones

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