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This rap video was made for zero dollars and I love it!

My grandma Stromberg introduced me to the Golden Girls circa 1992, and I've loved them ever since. I still cannot resist this show whenever I see it's on (Seinfeld, Golden Girls and ANY home makeover show are my kryptonite!). The Golden Girls is still soooo funny and edgy and hasn't aged a bit (no pun intended), writing-wise. Here are 22 Golden Girl insults that still slay today

Are you a publicist, business owner or ad agency looking for bloggers to write sponsored content for zero dollars? Cool! I'm going to just leave this right here

Because I keep linking to great articles about women, men, safety and personal space, here's some food for thought. If you don't want to read the whole post, here's the gist: Guys-- in case you didn't know, we ladies are constantly assessing risk. When we're on a walk, in a gas station, riding the bus home, we're probably trying to decide if the men around us are a threat. This is how we think all day, every day. So be cool and leave us alone. And please never, ever follow us to our car if you don't know us. Even if you think you're doing us a favor. You're not; we're scared.

Look! It's the anti-quitter essay!

Why go to business school when you could just watch these 10 TED Talks?!

So... you're telling me I might be wrong. Here's a cool infographic that explains 20 cognitive biases that screw up decision making

Guys! My friend Kate built her own capsule wardrobe and it looks pretty darn fabulous.  

The truth behind "perfect" Instagrams.

In case you missed it, here's my most popular post of the week: How Emily Levenson quit her chronic migraines

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