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Last night, I finally watched Love & Mercy, the Brian Wilson biopic that I've been dying to see for ever. Coincidentally, yesterday I also watched this video of the Beach Boys shredding "I Get Around." AND IT'S HILARIOUS! As you may or may not know, the Beach Boys are my favorite band (and I even saw Brian in concert earlier this summer in Nashville), and I'm so glad they don't actually sound like that in real life, but it's delightful on Youtube.

Pet peeve: when you're at a party, or eating dinner or trying to talk to your significant other and their face is glued to their phone. The worst: when people record an entire concert on their phone. UGH. That is not cool! Do you ever really watch those videos later? You're real life is happening right in front of you. Pay attention to that instead. Alexandra Franzen nails this sentiment in this blog post. Good job.

The book I'm currently reading that makes me feel like I can do anything: $100 Startup.

Everyone should read this post Alex wrote about going for a run & getting followed into an alley by some creepy dude. Ladies, most of us have been in a comparable situation. Can we all start talking about it more and letting men know this is NOT flattering and it IS NOT OKAY. Gentlemen, I'm sure most of you would never dream of doing something like this, but read it anyway. Teach your boys that this isn't acceptable. Women want to be able to exercise or walk their dogs or go to the grocery store without having to look over their shoulder all the damn time. 

My friend Rebecca was featured on this week. Yaaaas!

My most read post this week: What it's like to be a foster parent. If you can get through this and not tear up, I am a monkey's uncle. 

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