I Went to the Rolling Stones All By Myself.

This is what 70-something looks like.  |  photo by Mike Wurm

This is what 70-something looks like.  |  photo by Mike Wurm

I once rolled my eyes when people said stuff like, I used to do a lot of ____ before I got old and lame.

Like, oh, I remember the days when we used to do things on weeknights... now, going to Trader Joe's is as good as it gets.


We're so lame, I don't know any of the cool bars/restaurants are anymore.


I can't remember the last time we stayed up past 11. 

Well guys, sometime in the last year and a half, I became that person.

The thing is, I kind of like being that person. I don't want to party until 6 am. I don't care if I go to the trendiest bars. I don't need to attend every concert that rolls through town. I just don't care. But sometimes I must remind myself to get out of the house and go do something fun. 

The Rolling Stones were scheduled to stop by good ol' Minneapolis on June 3. I considered buying tickets, but then was all wishy-washy about spending hundreds of dollars on a concert. Plus, I'd seen them 16 years ago. Plus, would I really want to go out on a school night? I'm so lame, blah blah blah. I wasn't going to go.

Fast forward two months....

As I sat in my kitchen at 8:10 pm on Wednesday, June 3, I suddenly slapped some sense into myself: HOLY CRAP THE ROLLING STONES ARE ABOUT TO PERFORM A FEW MILES FROM YOUR HOUSE, MOLLY!!! What are you doing at home?!

I am not too old or too lame or too tired to miss that. Hell, Mick Jagger is in his 70s and Keith Richards is basically already dead!

Josh was out of town, and it was too late to find a companion. So I thought, what the hell. I'll just go by myself and see if I can scalp a ticket. Hey Eleanor! Tickets ranged between $150 - $3,000+. I figured since I was going late and only needed one ticket, I shouldn't have to spend more than $80. I brought $100 just in case.

It was so fun to throw caution to the wind. I was actually pretty darn giddy. Who knows--  maybe I could score an amazing seat last minute? And what if I ended up sitting next to some awesome people? AND what if the Stones played "Dead Flowers"?! WHAT IF!!!

This was an exciting adventure!

I took the Green Line from downtown Minneapolis and got dumped off right at the stadium. I immediately, almost frantically, starting looking for the least creepy person selling tickets. I saw a dude who didn't look unlike my dad, saying something about tickets.

I said, Hello sir, are you selling a single seat!?

No, I am looking for one seat as well.

Oh. Never mind.

Don't worry, the night is still young. 

Ah-ha! I see. He's done this before. Don't look too eager. Thank you, nice father figure man! I will wander around like it's no big thing. Relaxed. Breathing calmly.

I casually perched outside the main entrance, watching guys wheeling and dealing. One man approached me, asking if I needed a ticket.

Yep, just one. 


I only have $100. (<<< note: here is me offering AAAALLLL of the money I brought right off the bat!)

If you stick around, I might be able to work with that. 

Well, I did stick around and talked to a few more guys. One who said $300 (nope!), then another who could do $150. So I tried again. 

I only have $100.

I could do $150. 

I only have $100. 

How about $125?

I'm not even trying to negotiate with you. I literally only have $100. 

Sold! A floor seat at $100. I was elated! I marched to the entrance, had a brief "what if this is a counterfeit ticket!" panic attack, successfully entered the concert (yes!) and headed toward my seat. Halfway to the floor, the lights dimmed and boom! The Stones opened with "Jumpin' Jack Flash", which made me cry because sometimes I cry at concerts. 

Ronnie & Keith  |  photo by Mike Wurm

Ronnie & Keith  |  photo by Mike Wurm

Great, now I was going to be the 32-year-old woman, all alone at the Stones concert. Crying.

Oh well!

Once I finally made it to the stadium floor, I tried to get my bearings. And this is where this show got real interesting. The rows weren't really marked clearly, folks wandering around in big, empty spaces. People were dancing everywhere. The scent of weed wafted through the air like... well... like weed at a Stones concert.


Security did not GAF.

I've never been at a concert where people were having so much fun without being scolded! It was awesome and gave me, a total rule follower, the guts to try to seek out friends I knew would be at the show. 

Mick with VocalEssence  |  photo by Mike Wurm

Mick with VocalEssence  |  photo by Mike Wurm

I text my friend Dusti, who happened to be sitting in a nearby section and said there was plenty of room for me. I blew right past security to find her group, dancing and cheering and getting second-hand high like it was 1969. 

In an hour, I went from sitting alone at home, thinking I was lame to partying my face off at a Rolling Stones concert. With friends!

We say we're getting old or being lame, but honestly, I think it's often just that we're lazy, complacent, stuck in a routine or used to saying no. Sometimes you just gotta say screw it and take life by the balls-- even if it means you're marching alone-- because life is short and wonderful. You're not too old until you're dead, because age ain't nothing but a number.

Just ask Mick Jagger.  

Mick!  |  photo by Mike Wurm

Mick!  |  photo by Mike Wurm

* * *

One thing I've discovered via Hey Eleanor: I actually love doing things by myself! I get to do whatever I want, can abide by my own schedule and not have to worry about disappointing anyone with any of my decisions. It's great for a codependent, people-pleaser like me.

I've eaten dinner alone, seen a movie in a theater all by myself (like three times now!) and filled my car's tired with air all by myself. Also, a big shout-out to my pal Jordan who took a trip to Central America all by herself