This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

Thinking I was being a good wife, I asked my husband if he wanted to see Mad Max this weekend. He said no. Who's seen it? Was it as good as they say?

Speaking of mad things, did you love the Mad Men series finale? I think I did! Almost as much as I like this Mad Men Tumblr and this spot-on Don Draper fauxbituary

Hot dogs are my favorite food (after pizza, of course). Here are 40 awesome ways to eat 'em around the world.

Why stealing other people's jokes on social media is no joke. Unless you're one of those A-holes doing it and laughing all the way to the bank. Jerk.

Could you be a digital nomad? This woman makes it seem pretty darn good. 

You guys probably know how I feel about having too much crap. And this made me even more excited about getting rid of it: 21 Surprising Statistics that Reveal How Much Stuff We Actually Own

Along the "we all have too much crap" lines, Grechen examines her relationship with 'new'

And by the way, at 77, Judy Blume still knows all your secrets

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