What It's Like to Hang Glide in New Zealand



Some people love a rush. 


I'm not really one of those people.

Over the past year and a half, I've done plenty of adrenalin rushy activities (this was by far the scariest!). And you know what? None of them were on my bucket list. I don't even have a bucket list, and if I did, I'd have stuff like 'learn how to make Texas-style brisket' on it. 


Hang gliding was one of the only 'Xtreme' sports I've actually wanted to try. 


It's seemed scary enough to make your palms sweat, but not so scary that you might actually pee in your pants or have a full-on panic attack. 

I always thought of hang gliding as the marijuana of Red Bull sponsored activities. 


It's the gateway Xtreme sport.


I went for the first time last month with Ian from SkyTrek In Queenstown, New Zealand. The flight took about 10 minutes and it was simply amazing. It's as close to flying like an eagle as you can get (without being Seal)! And it was also just a little bit scary. Highly recommended! So start your bucket list, then put this at the top.


Not convinced? Watch the video.



See, didn't that look fun? 

Thanks for not killing me, Ian!


* * *


What Xtreme sport has always intrigued you? And PS if you want to learn more about New Zealand, read up on the 12 things you should know before going there