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Hey-o! It's October, and that means I'll be watching scary movies all month long. What are some of your favorites? My hubby used to think Pet Sematary was the scariest movie of all time... until he recently re-watched it. As it turns out, 80s horror did not age well. Except in the case of The Shining

I went to a pizza farm with The Midwestival. I helped with the food styling (not too shabby, I must say!), but mostly helped with the eating. 

My friend Samantha Brown (aka the girl with the best job in the world!) returns to Travel Channel tonight with an awesome, brand new series: 50/50. You can read all about the insane premise here, then tune in tonight at 7pm ET!

When a friend is going through some serious shiz, you don't want to say the wrong thing. Trouble is, most of us just don't know what to say, PERIOD. Here's a diagram that's super-de-duper helpful

Long live La Croix! I resonate with #18 especially.

Please tell me I'm not the only one eye-rolling over this Demi Lovato publicity stunt. I mean, I'm happy about her new found confidence in her body. Really, that's great! But this isn't really about you, it's about selling your new album, Confident. I dunno, the whole thing feels disingenuous. PS as far as I know, I've never been airbrushed and nobody's calling me brave for it. You know who's actually brave? This woman. And this guy

And because I dislike ending things on a downer note, anyone in the Twin Cities looking for a sweet doggie to add to their family? Raven is staying with us this weekend and she's simply lovely. Low-key, loves to snuggle, good with people, cats, other dogs and kids. Read more about her here.

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