This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

I actually went to this TEDx event, & Tom Fisher's talk about over-consumption stuck with me. Watch it & I can nearly guarantee you'll feel the same. 

My favorite thing on the Internet this week BY FAR: Rick Steve's is the Original Hipster

Do you love factory tours? Here's a guide to all zee best ones in the USA

Hosting a Halloween party? Here's some delightful (and almost free) games ideas.

This was delightful: the story of the Ermahgerd Girl.

Are you a fan of Back to the Future? Then you will probably love the above video. 

Oh, Norway. You're so progressive! (link spoiler: Olso is banning cars in its city center).

Yet one more reason to not feel any sort of guilt about your crush on Bradley Cooper: He's going to start sharing his salary with his female co-stars. And he speaks fluent French (not related, but also hot). 

Elizabeth Gilbert has all the answers.

* * *

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my post about miscarriage this week. Totally amazed at how many of your shared, commented, and sent me emails about your own story. We need to be talking about this more. 


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