This Week's Best Stuff on the Internet

What if fear was just a feeling? Terri Cole explains in her excellent TEDx talk. 

Please tell me there is a parent of a real human baby out there that still loves their dog, because this article has me way down in the dumps.

I was mesmerized by Ernestine Shepherd's story. The gist: she's the world's oldest body builder. You should probably just watch the video

Oh, the many uses of apple cider vinegar! Between that and coconut oil, we probably have all the tools needed to create world peace and make our hair shine and skin glow. 

Using an e-cig means you're literally addicted to technology & 22 other statements about our e-world

Craving that buzz that only productivity can give? 25 things you can do in less than five minutes!

Damn you Flock of Broads and your cool DIY projects!

I've decided that I need to do more exploring in the good ol' USA. Here's a bunch of places I want to visit

Yet another great reason to take a risk every day. Send out your ships, people!

Alice Gregory found her uniform. Have you? I haven't, but I want to!

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