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I just chugged some honesty serum, so I feel compelled to tell you I when my brother's friend Kevin shot a vlog at their wedding last month, I thought it was kinda tacky. That said, I totally enjoyed watching it.  

Here's where we're Instagramming the most, broken down state by state. I'm kinda surprised Chicago's bean dealio isn't listed, nor is the Spoonbridge + Cherry

When should you break-up with a friend

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but if I did, I'd resolve to make Jennifer Lawrence my real-life friend

Hey bloggers, writers, online marketers, tweeters, onliners: check out this handy-dandy headline analyzer. Type in your headline & it tells you how awesome (or sucky) it is, and suggests ways to improve. I like to think of it as a video game. Currently, my high score is 73. 

Throwback! Check out John Hodgman's recap of the Mall of America, from This American Life circa 2005. So funny & perfect for everyone hating shopping right meow. 

I know this is supposed to be funny, but could people please stop making being a mom seem so terrible? Maybe if/when I am a mom I'll be eating my words, but can we ever focus on the awesome parts about being a parent? All I hear is complaining and it makes me want to put a "Closed for Business" sign on my uterus. 

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