10 Bold-Faced Lies/Other Notes About Short Hair

Unlike Beyonce, I did not wake up like this. 

Unlike Beyonce, I did not wake up like this. 

Two months ago, I cut off all my hair.

It was a pretty big change, but I could not be happier about it. That said, I'd be lying if I said it was an easy transition. People think they know short hair, but unless you've been there, you don't!

Here's 10 things I've learned about short hair in the last 60 days. 

1. It's So Low Maintenance. LIE! 

I used to go to my hairstylist every eight-to-ten weeks for cuts. Now I'm at every six weeks (with a bang trim between each appointment). I'm lucky my gal isn't too far away. 

2. I'll Bet it's So Easy to Style. LIE!

No way! I can't air-dry this mop anymore without it looking like absolute trash. Before, I would dry my bangs and move on with my day. Now, I gotta dry the whole thing, flat iron it, then add a little texturing paste. I use this one from Number 4 and it's so great (and smells fabulous).

3. Guys Don't Like Short Hair. LIE!

From my brother's wedding... I loved my hair (despite the shark bang). 

From my brother's wedding... I loved my hair (despite the shark bang). 

My husband loves it and I don't even suspect he's pulling my leg. I've also received a lot of nice (and unsolicited) compliments from guys. Last weekend at my brother's wedding, I got SO many compliments... especially from dudes! I honestly felt like I looked better at their wedding than I did at my own. Maybe because I wasn't dripping with sweat all day long. 

4. At Least Your Haircuts are Cheaper. LIE!

I don't really understand the rationale behind this one. Maybe it's because there is less hair to work with, but my haircuts are not cheaper AND I get them twice as often. So, no.

5. Fact: I Wear More Makeup.

I'll admit to being a little more conscious about leaving the house sans makeup. The short hair makes me feel like my face is more on display, plus I don't want to feel too masculine. I've been wearing eyeliner almost daily and try to wear lipstick. 

6. Fact: I Care More About My Clothes

Or maybe it's my accessories. At any rate, clothing-wise I tend to lean toward simple outfits. Lots of plaid, tees, jeans, boots. Not a lot of feminine stuff. Now that my hair is short, I feel compelled to add a pop of color, floral prints or some jewelry. Except earrings. Why do long earrings look weird with short hair? Or is that all just in my mind?

7. Fact: Short Hair = Less Catcalls 

Maybe this is in my head, but while I feel pretty around my husband, I don't necessarily feel like random dudes on the street take much notice of me. I've said this before and I will say it again: You could literally have six eyes and an upside-down nose and most guys would still check you out if they caught a glimpse of your flowing blonde/brunette/red locks. The hair is a magnet for creepers. I don't miss that one bit. 

8. Fact: Say Bye to Hats. 

This looks weird.

This looks weird.

This looks even weirder. 

This looks even weirder. 

I used to wear a lot of baseball hats when I didn't feel like dealing with my hair. Like, for example, going out for breakfast on the weekends or something. Now when I put on a hat, I feel like it looks really weird because ALL of my hair is covered. And forget stocking caps. I try to get a few bangs peeking out of the front to prove that I'm not bald. 

9. Fact: The Key is in the Hair Dryer.

Mr. Hairdryer is my new best friend. It's the defining element between a good and bad hair day. Here's what I do, in case you're interested: brush all of my wet hair forward (especially around the ears). Then I keep brushing it forward while blasting it with my drier. This gives my ol' mop a bit of edgier texture. It also eliminates weird pieces flying every which way around my ears.

10. Fact: I Feel More Like Myself.

Even though this short 'do is a pain in a lot of ways, when I left 10 inches of hair on the salon floor, I felt so much happier. A decade ago, I also had short hair. I remember thinking that it suited me better than a longer style. But I like a change every now and then, so I grew it out. And while I liked my longer hair, I never quite loved it like I love the short stuff.

It's more fun. It's different. It's me. 

* * *

PS Remember when Jackie cut off all her hair? So great! Oh, and here's my before & after hair cut pics... no regrets.