#282 - 288. My Winter Capsule: Week One

Capsule wardrobe is in full-swing and I am loving it!

What I didn't love was taking all these pictures in my front yard (definitely a Hey Eleanor challenge... calling it #282). I am sure the neighbors think I'm even weirder now.

Oh well!

I'l be posting some outfits as I go. Not what I am wearing everyday because, hey, there will be repeats. Probably a lot of them. Without further ado, my awkward fashion show (and thanks to Liz for taking the photos).


I loved this outfit & wore it to the friends and family dinner at Spoon & Stable. Delicious, btw. 

White button down  *  High riser mom jeans  *  Short black boots *  Marc Jacobs purse



I've already worn this cheapie Old Navy sweater dress a few times. It's very comfy and versatile. Wore this to an engagement party.

Grey sweater dress  *  Black jeggings  *  Short black boots   *  Scarf  *  



I wore this out to dinner. Just swapped the scarf from the last outfit with a vegan leather jacket (and PS we all know vegan is just a nice way of saying fake.)

Vegan leather coat  *  Grey sweater dress  *  Black jeggings  *  Short black boots   *  Necklace



Just a regular ol' running around outfit.

Striped tee  *  Rip & repair skinny jeans  *  Brown clogs  *  Scarf  *  Marc Jacobs purse



If Paul Bunyan was a chick, he'd probably wear this, too.

Plaid shirt  *  Puffer vest  *  High riser mom jeans  *  Short black boots 



And the striped tee is back. And so is the leather jacket. And the same scarf, necklace & boots. 

Vegan leather coat  *  Striped tee  *  Black jeggings  *  Short black boots   *  Necklace


* * *

I hadn't even noticed how much I'd been wearing those black boots. Guess I really like them! I actually really like all of this stuff, which is precisely why I have no regrets about purging 90 percent of my clothes. High-five. 

Have an excellent weekend!