The Time My Parents Met My Future In-Laws.

Drinking old fashioneds... what could possibly go wrong?!

Drinking old fashioneds... what could possibly go wrong?!

I've called Josh my sweetheart for over five years, and yet our parents haven't met each other. Scratch that-- my dad and his parents once had brunch, but that was it. Chalk it up to long distance living situations-- my mom in Florida, my dad in Minnesota and Josh's parents just north of Milwaukee... plus, Josh lived in Mexico for two years. And then there is that whole thing about my parents being divorced. They get along, but ya know, it's complicated.

We decided Thanksgiving would be the perfect opportunity for my mom to meet Josh's parents.

(Sorry Dad, maybe next year!) She flew from Florida to Minneapolis, then hopped in the car with me, Josh and the dog for a quick seven hour car ride. 

I could go into all of the things I envisioned going wrong, but come on, we've all watched Meet The Fockers while hungover on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our parents liking each other matters, but what's more important is what it all represents. Josh and I are making a serious commitment. It's actually pretty crazy to think about ALL of our parents one day sharing (and spoiling and loving and obsessing over) the same grandkids.

Spending an entire holiday weekend together is a big damn deal.

It's hard to know how things will unfold when there are loads of family members, lots of cooking and family traditions mingling all under one roof. But with my mom's carefree attitude and Josh's parents' penchant for hospitality, the weekend went off without a hitch.

In fact, it was one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had.

What nearly topped turkey day was a great Friday Fish Fry, Wisconsin supper club-style. Each with an old fashioned in hand, the five of us cheers to a bright future, one I hope will bring many more combined family celebrations. Skol!