#169. Watch It. (You Know, the Movie About the Creepy Clown).

Oh hey there, Pennywise.

Oh hey there, Pennywise.

I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow. Instead of my usual binge drinking and hot dog eating, I'm going to the World Clown Convention.

When I first started Hey Eleanor, I asked my friends and family to name some scary ideas. Anything "...with a clown" was a common suggestion. I've decided there is one reason for this bizarre pseudo-fear:

Stephen King's IT.

I decided to watch the movie in anticipation of my big clown adventure.

YOU GUYS. I don't know how long it's been since you watched It, but the movie is unbelievably bad. Not scary at all, overly dramatic and so f$#%&*g long! I ain't got time for that! And did you know the Pennywise the Clown isn't even the child killer? Some alien spider thing that lives in the sewer is the real bad guy. Oh sorry, spoiler alert. Some people can't believe this was actually a network television miniseries because it's so scary; I can't believe it ever aired due to general terribleness. 

I'm not really afraid of clowns, though I do find the whole clown realm really fascinating. I am actually pretty excited to check it out (and will have lots of photos and videos to share next week). 

BTW, I'll be doing some clown interviews. Anything you've always wanted to know about clowns, but were to afraid to ask?