Here's What Happened When 20 Women Stopped Wearing Makeup

No Makeup Monday requires coffee. Just kidding, it's actually Schnapps. 

No Makeup Monday requires coffee. Just kidding, it's actually Schnapps. 

On Monday, I begged and pleaded with my fellow females to partake in #NoMakeupMonday. I even sent out an email to some of the ladies I admire most in life, asking them to not only ditch their makeup on Monday, November 25, but share pics of themselves via social media. 

I was scared I'd be the lone #NoMakeupMonday ranger.

It's hard to ask people to do something that I myself found to be a bit uncomfortable! I am thrilled & impressed that 20+ gals (and one guy) were up for the challenge. Here's what some of them had to say:

"My face had a good day with#nomakeupmonday. Thanks to @mollymogre for the inspiration." 

"Wow, thanks Molly for doing this! The sweet comments are great on a day when you're feeling pretty gross:)"

"I have realized that every day by three pm is no make up Monday. That's when I finally look in mirror and all the makeup has gone away." 

"The no make up thing effects the eyes the most. That's why mascara is the one thing I want. Happy Monday."

"If I am not meeting with any clients, it's All Naturaaaaal. I'm a skin crazo though. It's good to let your skin breathe."

And this one was great:

"I'll let you know the tally of folks who mention... "you look different today..." if your prediction is accurate, we will land at a whopping 0."

Followed by this, three hours later:

"Confirmation. Zero people seemed to notice."

I added all the pics I could find here. If I missed you, let me know & I'll add ya! I am curious what you all thought. Was wearing no makeup a challenge? What did you like? Dislike? Did you learn anything? Would you do it again? And if you purposely didn't participate, what is it about wearing makeup that you weren't ready to let go of? Please comment below.

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